About Quaint

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them."
Marc Jacobs



QUAINT Designs for Bold Women

Beauty, elegance, and skillful design. These are the hallmarks of what makes something QUAINT. Seamlessly combining timeless inspirations and modern aesthetics, our line encompasses bold looks that illuminate any occasion. QUAINT only designs with the adventurous woman in mind by blending architectural elements with vibrant colors and patterns. When you need to make a statement every day, you need to look QUAINT.



About the Founder + Designer

Nina D. Quantas

When clothing lines become steeped in other preexisting creations, it becomes challenging to identify your own style personality. Nina knows this struggle all too well, which is why she pulls from her storied life for your next favorite outfit.

Born in Milan and raised in Shanghai, Nina D. Quantas moved to the U.S. as a teenager. Even then, her interests were sewing, designing, and creating daily wardrobes which led to a lifetime of redefining what it means to dress feminine without losing sight of what makes you an individual. Nina pursued a degree in architecture where she discovered how sharp edges can reform with color and soft textiles and how architecture can then be integrated with fashion.



About the Co-Founder

Abigail Mitchell

Abigail moved to the United States during her teenage years, leaving her home of France behind. However, that would quickly present itself as fate at work, even across the Atlantic Ocean. This expert pairing first occurred when the two met each other during their undergrad program. And that soon lead to the brand you know and love today

Abigail’s femininity is the perfect accompaniment to Nina’s contemporary designs. She introduces France’s sense of romance to our bold designs for daring, yet feminine collections. Our clothes are more than contrast, but a reflection of both our founders’ journeys.